How the Mobile Patient Lift Combats Common Mistakes When Lifting a Patient

Lifting is a major part of the job when providing care to bedridden or otherwise patients with limited mobility. Unfortunately, whether you’re transferring a loved one in your home or you’re an experienced professional in a care facility it can be easy to make mistakes when doing so, and these mistakes can cause serious injury or even death to the patient and their caregiver.


In this blog, we will go over some of the common mistakes when transferring a patient and how the Freedom Transfer Patient Lift can help prevent injuries and accidents by making the transfer process safer and more comfortable for the patient and the caregiver.


Lack of Support


One of the most common mistakes made when lifting a patient is not giving enough support to them while they are being lifted. This can cause undue stress on their body and lead to strains, sprains, and other injuries. Additionally, it can be difficult for caregivers to provide adequate support by themselves, which means enlisting additional help from another person may be necessary in order for the lift to be done safely and properly. 


Improper Posture


Proper body mechanics need to be used when transferring patients. This means maintaining good posture throughout the entire lift. It also means using your legs instead of your back when lifting, as this will help prevent potential injuries. Additionally, it is crucial to always ensure that your patient is centered between you and your partner before attempting any lift or transfer.


Straining by Over Lifting


Another mistake often made when attempting to lift a patient is not taking into account their size and weight. If you are attempting to lift someone who is too heavy or large for you or your partner(s) to handle without straining yourself or sacrificing safety, this could put both you and the patient at risk of injury or worse. It’s important that you have an accurate understanding of what type of weight each person involved in the lift is capable of handling in order to keep everyone safe during the process. 


Rushing Through the Process


Many people don’t consider how long it takes for a lift to take place before attempting one. This can lead them into assuming that they will be able complete it quickly without proper preparation or planning ahead for any potential complications that may arise during the process. Taking some time beforehand might seem tedious but it can go a long way in helping ensure that both you and the patient remain safe throughout the lift itself. 


Check the brakes! 


Finally, never attempt transfers from either beds or wheelchairs without first making sure they have been securely locked into place! Be mindful of any wheels or brakes that may become loose during transfers and make sure everything is tightly secured beforehand so it doesn’t shift unexpectedly during motion. 


How the Freedom Transfer Chair can help reduce the risk of accidents


The Freedom Transfer Patient Lift combats all of these common mistakes by allowing caregivers more control over how they assist while also making sure they have access to all of the necessary resources needed in order to complete a successful transfer with minimal hassle or risk. Our mobile transfer chair is versatile, lightweight, portable and suitable for almost any space. It allows caretakers to assist patients with everyday responsibilities while giving them more ease and dignity than traditional patient lifts offer.


It features an enclosing seat cradle, allowing the device seat to fold open 90° and wrap around the patient, making it easy to safely transfer from a seated position to the chair. Additionally, the seat's height can be adjusted with the built-in or remote controls to match the desired height of the destination. This device reduces the strain on both patient and caregiver, making it much safer and more comfortable for everyone involved.


By utilizing the Freedom Transfer Patient Lift, you’ll be able to perform safe patient transfers with ease while also ensuring that your patients are given the best possible care. It is designed to help both caregivers and those they assist enjoy a safe and dignified lifting experience every time.


If you're considering purchasing a Freedom Patient Lift for yourself or for someone you know, we invite you to watch our video outlining the benefits and features it offers. Through careful consideration of these options, it is possible to regain freedom!

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