Frequently Asked Questions

Can the rider operate the Freedom Mobile Patient Lift Transfer Chair alone?

No, like most traditional Patient Lifts or Hoyer Lifts, a caregiver is required to operate the device. Once in the Patient Transfer Lift a patient can operate the height using the remote only when stationary.

Can the lift be used in more than one location?

Yes, the Mobile Patient Lift was designed to be used in a variety of locations—whether inside or outside. Transferring between a bed, chair, wheelchair or just about any device is no longer a challenge on the patient and caregiver.

How portable is the Freedom Mobile Patient Lift?

The Mobile Patient Lift was designed to help restore your ability to get out and see the world. The Freedom Patient Lift helps you do just that. Designed to easily fold up fitting into most car trunks, and is meant to be transported for wherever you need to be!

Can the Freedom Patient Lift be used in the shower?

No, The Freedom Patient Transfer Lift is not waterproof and therefore should not be purposefully be exposed to water.

How do I keep the Freedom clean?

For daily cleaning, apply a neutral synthetic detergent and wipe with a clean cloth. Avoid spraying detergent directly onto any electronics.

Can the lift also be used in place of a wheelchair?

The Freedom Patient Transfer Lift was designed to make transfer in and out of various devices like beds, chairs or wheelchairs easier. The Freedom Patient Lift is not a traditional wheelchair but can be used as a transport an individual around in or outside.

What are the requirements of the operator or caregiver?

The operator or caregiver needs to be able to assist the patient into the transfer lift with some direction and guidance and, if necessary, assit in helping the patient get onto the seat. Lastly, they should be able to push the weight of the occupant in the chair.

What are the requirements of the patient?

Patient should be able to sit in an upright position on their own when seated in the Freedom Transfer Chair Lift.

What is the weight capacity of the lift?

The Freedom Transfer Lift can accommodate individuals up to 275 lbs.

What maintenance is needed?

The Freedom requires very little maintenance. Simply follow battery charging instructions, keep the unit clean and the Freedom will last for many years.

Does the Freedom Lift come fully assembled?

The Freedom Lift does require minor tool free assembly out of the box. Please visit this link to watch our assembly video.

What surfaces can the Freedom Patient Lift be used on?

The Freedom Transfer lift can be used on almost any hard floor surface. Wood, Tile, Cement, Blacktop are just a few.

Is Mobile Patient Lift safer for the caregiver?

Yes, Our Freedom Patient Transfer Lift was designed to make it safer for the caregiver. Designed to prevent Non Fatal Occupational Musculoskeletal Injuries by eliminating the need to Lift, Hoist, Pull, Strain or Leaning your body in difficult positions when moving a patient.

Is the Freedom Transfer Lift safer for the patient?

Yes, one of the most complicated tasks for a nurse or caregiver is transferring a patient who is at risk from a fall from a bed or wheelchair. The Freedom eliminates the whole concept of lifting a patient preventing the possibility from falling out of a traditional patient lift.

Who is the Freedom Mobile Patient Lift intended for?

The Freedom Patient Transfer Lift is
capable of moving adults, adolescents, or child occupants who are able to remain seated while secured by the safety belt.

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