What are the alternatives to Hoyer Lifts?

For many caretakers and caregivers, a Hoyer lift is a necessity when it comes to helping those who need assistance with transportation and mobility. However, due to the size and weight of the device, it can be a liability in many circumstances. Fortunately, some alternatives are just as effective and much easier to use. Let’s take a look at how the Freedom Chair from Mobile Patient Lift can provide an alternative solution for caretakers and patients alike.


What is a Hoyer Lift?


A Hoyer Lift is a device used to help lift and transfer individuals who have limited or no mobility due to age, disability, or injury. It consists of four parts: the base, mast, sling seat/harness assembly, and patient lifter mechanism. The base provides stability while the mast provides height adjustment in order to fit different heights of individuals being transferred. The sling seat/harness assembly is designed to support the individual’s body securely while being lifted by the patient lifter mechanism which is driven by hydraulic pressure in order to raise or lower the user depending on their needs.


The Downsides of a Hoyer Lift:


While the Hoyer lift can provide wonderful benefits for those who need mobility assistance, it can be a liability in certain situations. For starters, its size and weight make it difficult to maneuver around tight spaces or up and down stairs. Additionally, due to its bulky design and limited range of motion, it can be uncomfortable for both caretaker and patient alike. Finally, since these types of lifts are powered by hydraulics or electric motors, they require regular maintenance which adds an additional cost to the operation.


Moreover, the size and weight of a typical Hoyer lift can make them difficult to transport from place to place; they often require two people for set up and take down as well as for operation due to its complexity. Additionally, these devices rely on hydraulics which can fail over time leading to costly repairs or replacements which can put a strain on resources if not factored into budgets accordingly.


Hoyer lift can also cause anxiety on patients due to the height, bulkiness and complexity of the device. Some patients may feel uncomfortable being transferred by a machine which can lead to physical and mental distress that can impede their progress during rehabilitation. Not to mention Hoyer Lifts are known to cause bruises, skin abrasions, and discomfort from the harnesses used to secure individuals in the apparatus.



How Does The Freedom Chair From Mobile Patient Lift Provide An Alternative?


The Freedom Chair from Mobile Patient Lift offers an effective alternative for caretakers who are looking for something more lightweight but with all the benefits of traditional lifts without sacrificing safety or ease of use. This chair weighs just 60 pounds making it easy enough for one person to move around quickly and efficiently. The transfer lift device seat folds open 90° and wraps around the patient, making it easy to safely transfer from a seated position to the chair. It also includes built-in controls that allow the patient or caregiver to lift the seat to be adjusted from 15.5” to 23.5” in height to match the desired height of the destination. The Freedom is versatile, lightweight, portable and suitable for almost any space. It allows caretakers to assist patients with everyday responsibilities while giving them more ease and dignity than traditional patient lifts offer.


When caring for someone with limited mobility, you must have reliable equipment that will provide safe transportation when needed without putting too much strain on resources or budgets. That's why more caretakers are turning away from traditional Hoyer lifts towards lighter-weight solutions like Mobile Patient Lifts' Freedom Chair; this chair provides all the same benefits of traditional lifts without sacrificing safety or ease of use making it perfect for those who want something quick and reliable in their home health setting. So next time you're looking for an alternative solution that won't break your budget or require too much maintenance, consider giving Mobile Lifts' Freedom Chair a try—you won't regret it!


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