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Disruptive Empty Product

The Freedom Transfer Patient Lift in Action

Where Can The Freedom Transfer Patient Lift Take You?

Living Room

Spend more time with your family with the ability to transfer to your favorite comfortable spot.

Dining Room

Skip meals in bed and enjoy your old routine once again by eating in your dining room with friends and family.

Hospital Room Transfer

Patient transfer devices do not have to be uncomfortable or painful — move from room-to-room quickly and with ease.


Transfer safely to the bathroom or attach the portable commode pail when needed.

Mobile Patient Lift side profile - a motorized patient chair lift against a white background

Easy Transfer

The device seat folds open 90° to help you safely transfer from a seated position to the chair.


The height of the unit may be adjusted to accommodate height differences when transporting.

Portable Commode

Our lift chair conveniently provides a cut-out in the seat for toilette use. A portable commode pail may be attached and used as well.

Ergonomic Handles

Our adjustable handles are comfortable with secure grips for either you or your caregiver to use.

Remote Controlled

Features both a built-in control and a detachable remote for lifting and lowering you safely.

Wheel Locks

The device features dual front and rear locks for added safety when being transported.

Limited lifetime warranty icon


We offer a lifetime warranty for the chair frame and a 6 month warranty for labor and parts.

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I’ve had MS for about 20 years now. I’ve been using a wheelchair for the last couple of years but I’ve recently started to need more help getting around. It’s gotten harder to get to and from the bed, the bathroom, or the couch, and I’ve been getting too fatigued to wheel myself around all the time. I felt like I was missing out on spending time with my family and friends since I was too exhausted to get myself out of bed. This lift has been a big help in letting me participate in family time again.

Helene Carter, Patient

I’ve been a home health aide for about 10 years. I considered lifting patients to their wheelchairs to just be a part of the job, but it was hard on my back. Sling-type lifts helped me out with that, but this chair is much easier to use, and since it’s smaller than regular lifts it’s a better fit… It’s made a difference in both my life and the lives of the people I care for. They’re able to get around more freely without needing to worry about dealing with being put in a patient lift sling.

Vincent Jackson, Caregiver